GCP Short: A waste disposal captive and new formations in Vermont

In this GCP Short, produced in collaboration with Friends of the Podcast the State of Vermont, Richard is joined by Sandy Bigglestone, Director of Captive Insurance at the State, and others to discuss the recent surge in formation activity.


In this episode of Vermont Viewpoint, listen to Vermont’s Deputy Commissioner, David Provost, sit down with host Ric Cengeri to discuss how Vermont’s captive insurance industry works and why it has been so important to the state for the last 40 years. Dave’s interview starts at 23:05.

Captive formation and the respective roles of the regulator and captive manager.

In this GCP Short, produced in collaboration with the State of Vermont, you will hear all about what goes into the captive formation process and the respective roles of the regulator and captive manager.

Vermont’s Dan Petterson co-hosts Global Captive Podcast #41

Dan discusses what goes into captive examinations, why Vermont chooses to do it in-house and the reasons why they can go wrong.

The how's and why's of capital extraction from the captive.

Pete Kranz and David Provost, Deputy Commissioner of the Captive Insurance Division at the State of Vermont, outline what some of the options are when extracting capital from the captive, and highlight the important regulatory considerations.

The impact on captive boards, economic substance and tax considerations

Sandy Bigglestone, provide insight on Vermont’s approach and implications for captive boards as global travel is restricted and what that might mean with regards to economic substance and tax requirements.

GCP #13: Dan Towle, Jan Klodowski and the VCIA Hot Topics panel

Episode 13 was recorded from the Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA) with guest co-host Dan Towle, President of the Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA). The discussion on big ticket items was joined by Vermont regulators David Provost and Sandy Bigglestone, Jim Swanke, of Willis Towers Watson, Joshua Reding, Senior Director of Risk Management at Life Time, Inc, and Captive Review’s Nick Morgan.

GCP #4: Oliver Schofield, Heather McClure, the State of Vermont and VCIA

Heather McClure, of the University of Oklahoma discussed the development of its Vermont captive, while Vermont regulators David Provost and Sandy Bigglestone sat down with VCIA’s Rich Smith and Ian Davis, Director of Financial Services at the State of Vermont, to discuss the jurisdiction’s 2018 and priorities for 2019.

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