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In 1981, Vermont adopted its captive insurance enabling legislation, one of the first states to do so. Since then, through numerous modifications of its landmark legislation to address ever-changing industry needs, the depth and breadth of its regulators and service providers, and the partnership and support of its governors and legislators, Vermont has become the number one domicile worldwide.

These achievements did not happen overnight though. Rather they came about with commitment, foresight, Yankee ingenuity (otherwise known as innovation), and just plain old hard work by all those working in the Vermont Captive industry. Now in our 40th year, we want to celebrate by telling the story of how and why Vermont has been a chosen domicile for so many years, highlighting the major events and key players that have brought us to where we are today.

Check out this special, 40th anniversary Vermont Report, from Risk and Insurance

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While we take this time to celebrate and reflect, we know we cannot rest on our laurels if we want to maintain our Gold Standard. Businesses will always have to protect against risk and, as we have seen over the years, the risks to be protected against will likely become greater and even more diverse. So, we must continue to diligently uphold our standards, deepen and broaden our experience and insight, and affect the change necessary to provide the innovations required to meet the needs of our dynamic and evolving industry. Through these efforts, our Gold Standard will not only endure but will thrive, leading the way to expand our presence, both nationally and globally. Working with you, the people of our industry, we know this is attainable. The future looks bright.

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