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Dave Provost

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RIMS 2013 Poster

Vermont poster to sign

RIMS 2013 Sandy Bigglestone

Sandy Bigglestone and Dan Peterson

from The State of Vermont

Dan Towle at RIMS

Nancy Gray of AON and Dan Towle

from The State of Vermont


Vermont team at RIMS 2013

"Team Vermont" for RIMS 2013

Vermont staff at RIMS 2013

Michelle Adams and Tim East of Walt Disney

with representatives from The State of Vermont

Signing the RIMS 2013

Tricia Villareal of Starwood and Nancy Gray

of AON

Dan Towle at RIMS

Dan Towle, Tony Martin of Keybank, Tom Masiello

of Benchmark and Anne Marie Towle of Willis

  Dan Towle at RIMS

Jeff Horner of Hormel Food visits

the Vermont booth

 RIMS 2013

Dave Provost enjoys the tradeshow floor

with guests at the Vermont booth

 RIMS 2013, Dan Towle

Todd Rodriquez of IBM with Dan Towle

RIMS 2013

Enjoying Vermont ice cream!


 RIMS 2013 Sandy Bigglestone

Sandy Bigglestone visits with attendees


 State of Vermont team at RIMS 2013

Dan Richards of Global Rescue visits

with Vermont


 Dan Towle, Dave Provost

Dan Towle, Dave Provost and

Jason Flaxbeard of Beecher Carlson

 Dave Provost

Dave Provost with Bob Pastore of Walmart


 State of Vermont booth at RIMS 2013

State of Vermont booth at RIMS 2013

Dan Towle at RIMS

Yelena Urcaz of AES and

Dan Towle


 RIMS 2013

Dan Peterson of Vermont, Jim Girardin

of Amethyst and Derek Martisus of Performa


 RIMS 2013

Tom Nazaro of Willis and

Tony Benish of Cook-Illonois

 RIMS 2013 Sandy Bigglestone

Derek Martisus with Sandy Bigglestone

 RIMS 2013

Janice Valgoi of VCIA, Anne Marie Towle

and Peter McDougal of Paul Frank + Collins


 RIMS 2013

Jim McIntyre of McIntyre + Lemon

with Janice Valgoi


 RIMS 2013

Serving up Vermont's "Captive Crunch"


 RIMS 2013

Janice Valgoi and Steve McElhiney

of Valhi, Inc.

 RIMS 2013

Michael Bemi of National Catholic RRG

with Sandy Bigglestone


 RIMS 2013

Matt Kahn and Ed Baniack

of Risk & Insurance


 RIMS 2013

Matt Kahn of R&I, Chris Gallagher

of Proctor & Gamble, Dan Towle,

and Ed Baniack of R&I