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Ian Davis
I'll be at the VCIA Board Member Meeting and Road Show in Vermont, Oct. 25 - 26.

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October 25 - 26, 2017 VCIA Board Member Meeting and Road Show in Vermont
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About Vermont Captive

Vermont is the leading onshore captive insurance domicile with over 1,000 licensed captive insurance companies and with more than 30 years of experience working with the captive insurance industry. Between our experience and dedication, the State of Vermont is ready to work with a company like yours.

48 of the Fortune 100 and 18 of the companies that make up the Dow 30 have their captive insurance companies located in Vermont.  While Vermont has some of the largest captive companies in the world, a little known fact is that more than half of Vermont’s captive insurance industry writes less than $5 million annually in premiums. This makes Vermont one of the best places for smaller and mid-cap businesses to form captive insurance companies. Vermont also has approximately 100 hospitals and medical groups that write professional medical liability (medical malpractice coverage) through a Vermont captive insurance company.  No matter the size or type of company or group, Vermont is a good place to form your captive insurance company.  

Vermont is also home to the largest captive insurance conference in the United States, hosted by the Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA). The Vermont Captive Insurance Association is the largest trade association for captive insurance in the world. When you choose the State of Vermont as your domicile, you choose Vermont Captive’s network of support from our dedicated team members as well as other industry leaders located here.

Vermont also has the largest group of experienced and knowledgeable captive insurance regulators of any domicile.  Vermont is fortunate to have unparalleled government support which provides resources for the ongoing formation and future needs of your captive operations.  Simply put, this means that you have no surprises or slowdowns as you are dealing with the most experienced captive jurisdiction. While some other jurisdictions may have cut back their staff or their focus on captives, that hasn’t happen in Vermont.  Vermont has a more than 30-year track record of support from democrats, republicans, and independents alike.

As a result of this support, there is not a year that Vermont doesn’t make enhancements to our laws to keep Vermont at the forefront of the industry.