40 lessons learned in 40 years

As our 40th anniversary draws to a close we share 40 things we've learned over the years

Author: Vermont Captive

Almost exactly one year ago today, we began our celebration of Vermont Captive’s 40th anniversary. Over the past year, we celebrated in a number of ways, from an anniversary timeline, highlighting Vermont Captive’s achievements since 1981, to multiple videos, interviewing and getting to know some of the key players in Vermont’s captive industry. It’s been an exciting 365 days and in celebration of that, we’ve put together a list to mark some of the important (and not so important) things we’ve learned over the past 40 years. Check out our list of 40 lessons learned in 40 golden years.

  1. Stay focused on the goal: Supporting Vermont captive insurance companies
  2. Work as a team with the Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA)
  3. Pass a captive bill every year, no matter how small, to improve our statutes
  4. Always grab a meal on Church Street during the VCIA conference
  5. If you become a regulator you just might stay for decades because you love it so much
  6. Speak at events to improve the industry as a whole
  7. The service providers are the glue that hold the industry together
  8. Bring all the layers and make sure your ride has snow tires for the VCIA Legislative Day in January
  9. Share success stories
  10. Make room for new perspectives and industry leaders
  11. Learning about how Risk Retention Groups are doing at the NRRA conference has been key for improving the industry
  12. Join committees and task forces whenever possible to keep the industry thriving
  13. Don’t ever forget to bring maple syrup to the World Captive Forum and CICA conferences
  14. Grow our staff as needed over the years to meet the need of quality, consistent regulation
  15. Uphold the “gold standard” of quality regulation, while adapting to meet the needs of the industry
  16. Captive managers are not just the point of contact for regulators, but drive collaboration and innovation
  17. Be an open door, ready for new questions and ideas
  18. Rent a bike and ride on the Lake Champlain bike path during the VCIA conference
  19. Never pass up on ice cream at the RIMS conference
  20. A form, filing, and process can always be improved
  21. Always practice your golf skills at the CICA conference’s golf event
  22. Always help out a fellow captive regulator, even though it’s the competition, since it helps raise the industry standard
  23. Make the effort to connect with the companies we regulate
  24. Never pass up free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
  25. Say yes to as many industry articles and media opportunities as possible
  26. Knowledge sharing is critical to success and happiness of our team
  27. Foster an internal and external culture of curiosity and partnership
  28. Insurance is NOT boring
  29. The greatest leaders in this industry are inclusive, honest, and not afraid to roll up their sleeves when the real work needs to be done
  30. The captive world is small so keep your friends close, and well, there’s really no need for enemies
  31. Keep up on your ICCIE (International Center for Captive Insurance Education) course work
  32. Just like the successful captives domiciled in Vermont, we are resilient
  33. Best results = Collaboration + compromise
  34. The Vermont Captive Insurance Industry embodies true VT values: solid work ethic, appreciation for community, and quiet strength of character
  35. To see Vermont small government in action, with direct access to elected officials, attend ‘Legislative Day’ with VCIA in January each year
  36. Integrity matters
  37. Being an engaged member of industry associations benefits everyone
  38. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  39. Give thanks, appreciation, and celebrate with captive industry peers any chance you get
  40. Never rest on our laurels
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