We’re building a stockpile of delicious Vermont maple syrup and ice cream to make sure that everyone gets extra when they come to Vermont next year. In the meantime, if you leave your information below, you’ll have a chance to receive some of the good stuff delivered to your door! (And by good stuff, we mean a Dakin Farm pure Vermont gift package.)



VCIA 2020 giveaway


(Left to right: Christine Brown, Dan Petterson, Sandy Bigglestone, David Provost)


Sticky situations aside, we here at the Vermont Captive Insurance Division like to have a little fun and thought we’d share some interesting facts about us with you.

Dave was a forest ranger for a summer, and his family owned a farm on the upper east side of Manhattan in the 1700s.

Sandy is known for making the “best” meatballs and even won first place at a family meatball contest in MA a few years ago (but if you want to challenge that, send your entries to Dave & Dan).

Dan’s a little competitive: his nickname for softball is Kablammo and his nickname for ski racing is Danimal.

Christine was engaged and married in a Vermont state park on a Lake Champlain island and named her first son after that park.


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