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Stable, Strong, Consistent and Flexible Regulation.

The regulatory environment in the State of Vermont is proactive and responsive. Our captive licensing process and captive laws are kept up-to-date to better meet your captive insurance needs. This is why over 1,100 captive insurance companies call Vermont home.

Vermont’s success to date can be attributed to a combination of factors, not the least of which is the ongoing leadership of Vermont’s Governors, both past and present, and both houses of the State Legislature who continue to uphold Vermont’s longstanding tradition of providing solid support for the state’s captive industry. This fact ensures that as captive industry needs change, captive legislation in the state evolves and is further enhanced with timely and meaningful changes in Vermont captive law.

Vermont continues to be recognized as a quality domicile by captive owners, brokers, regulators, and others in the industry due to its high level of professionalism. An ever-increasing number of companies are further recognizing Vermont as their captive insurance domicile of choice.

With the support of our state government, our captive laws are able to adapt as the industry evolves. Vermont Captive’s relationship with the Vermont Legislature remains strong and stable; meaning your company benefits right from the start of your captive licensing. Vermont's legislation remains a national model by which other domiciles form their captive laws.

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